6 Best Kevo Alternatives That You Need To Try

kevo alternative
kevo alternative

After the recent boom in demand for smart security products, several brands have extended their portfolio with reliable and durable options. While the price point is a huge concern for most homeowners, it is best not to compromise on the security requirements of your household. So, instead of prioritizing the price, going with the most consistent and reliable brand is the best way.

The next-gen Kevo locks have been serving countless owners over the years. Kwikset went the extra mile to ensure that this option consistently outperforms other brands. However, with the recent release of new lineups from other brands, more and more owners are shifting towards Kevo Alternatives. So, let’s go through some of these Kevo alternatives if you’re not a fan of this lock.

Kevo Alternatives

  1. Schlage

When it comes to smart locks, Schlage is the only market leader. No brand can keep up with the extensive range of features brought forward by this brand. So, if you’re not worried about the budget and need a lock with the phenomenal build quality and accessibility features, then Schlage is the only real option.

Aside from the price point, there aren’t any underlying issues you will need to deal with. So, go with Schlage if you’re willing to spend a generous budget on upgrading the smart system in your home.

  1. Ultraloq

Ultraloq is next on the list when it comes to durable automated locks. The mobile app offered by Ultraloq makes it effortless for homeowners to keep track of their home security. While the price point is a bit more reasonable, you will still have to pay around 200 dollars for this lock. So, make sure to manage the final security budget accordingly.

It is the best lock when you consider the third-party configurations and compatibility. It works with most smart home assistants and will fit right into your existing setup. So, if you’re looking for optimal accessibility, this Kevo alternative will serve you perfectly.

  1. Wyze

While this lock is more affordable than both of the Kevo alternatives mentioned above, you will still be paying around 100 dollars for this unit. As far as the basic design is concerned, you will get a minimal finish with an easy-to-install manual. On top of that, you won’t have to upgrade the existing software for this unit.

However, when it comes to compatibility with the third-party apps and the IFTTT support, this is not the optimal choice. You will be much better off with the Ultraloq in the long run.

  1. August

In terms of a sleek design, August locks will almost always take the lead. These locks are primarily designed for HomeKit owners, and if you’re using a similar smart system, August will fit right into your setup. You can further use it with Alexa and Google smart assistants to further maximize efficiency through smart controls.

As far as the battery life is concerned, there aren’t many good reviews about this lock. So, keep that in mind if you don’t want to change the batteries after every few weeks of usage.

  1. Yale

Even though Yale is not as popular as some of the other options mentioned here, you will still get a nice value package from this option. In terms of customization and affordability, Yale is the best option. So, go with yale locks if you’re not too interested in going with the Wyze options.

You will still be losing somewhat on the features and the build quality, but the overall functionality of the lock will remain consistent for a long period. So, go with Yale if you’re trying to save money on a Kevo alternative.

  1. Doorbot

This option is highly customizable and cheap, but you will have to go through several complications to set up the unit. You can use any solid relay options with the Raspberry Pi system to customize and personalize the smart lock. So, if you’re somewhat experienced and don’t mind spending a bit of time in programming, then Doorbot is a good option.

All of these alternatives cover different price points, and you can further narrow down the portfolio of each brand to enjoy a comprehensive value package. Engage the dealer to make the perfect purchase option when it comes to the Kevo alternative.

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