Insteon Hub vs ISY: What’s The Difference?

insteon hub vs isy
insteon hub vs isy

Smart homes have become the ultimate future. For this reason, there are multiple smart home devices out there that deliver smart home experience to the users. It’s safe to say that smart homes will deliver control over the home.

For this reason, people are often confused about Insteon Hub vs. ISY. With this article, we are sharing everything you must know about these two systems!

Insteon Hub vs ISY

Insteon Hub

To begin with, it is designed to offer control over the connected devices. It can be installed on smartphones or tablets to control different connected devices. The users can create the personalized settings for lighting. The users can also schedule the settings for one or more devices. The users can get immediate alerts from different sensors.

Insteon Hub can work with water leaks, door opening, and motion sensors. With the availability of a thermostat, the users can control the temperature. In addition, it has Nest Learning Thermostat for Android as well as iOS devices, hence better control on temperature. The best thing about Insteon Hub is that it has a dual-band configuration which makes it suitable to use with voice control.

As far as voice control is concerned, it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is basically a central controller with a simple design. It can connect users to the home through the tablet, smartphone, and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. The users can control the thermostats, wall switches, light bulbs, and outlets.

Whenever there is a change in the settings, the users will instantly receive push notifications or email alerts (yes, even if you are away!). That being said, the users can dim, switch off, or brighten up the light from their device, even if you aren’t home. In addition, the users can set the ramp rate and on-level from the device.

The most intriguing factor is that Insteon Hub allows the users to create schedules for switching off or switching on the lights. Also, the users can always adjust the temperature. It has the capacity to track smoke sensors, water leaks, and window or door motion at home, so you can keep an eye on the situation of the home. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it helps with security as well.

As far as the setup is concerned, Insteon Hub is extremely easy to set up and use. It will only take a few minutes to set it up. This is because the users only need to connect it to the power and internet router. The package comes with Insteon Hub, ethernet cable, power cord, and the manual for easy setup and instant usage.

It has dual-band technology which makes it suitable for wireless as well as powerlines. That being said, the users will be able to create a streamlined network for operating Insteon Hub. In addition, the mesh network can be extended across wired and wireless devices. With this network, there are no administrative devices or routers. For this reason, the devices can control by other devices without creating additional profiles!


In the first place, it’s essential to note down that ISY is the home automation controller system that allows the users to have better control over the smart home. In addition, it can be used for seamless integrating smart home devices. For the most part, it has become an important and widely used technology for smart home users.

ISY is a perfect choice for users who need to have better control over smart devices and smart devices on a remote basis. It’s pretty evident that home management isn’t easy, but ISY has various devices and technologies for management. ISY will surely change the way how your smart home operates. It is the automation controller with full-integration.

ISY is the umbrella term (technology) since there are multiple ISY devices with unique solutions. To illustrate, ISY devices can be used for saving energy, automating, and delivering AI assistance (artificial intelligence assistance). The essential factor to consider is that it’s not cloud-based, which means users won’t have to depend on the internet for operating ISY devices.

As far as the extraction is concerned, it can be deployed by its own devices. Also, the users can create the programs and execute them without any errors or lags. Lastly, it delivers support for Amazon Alexa, which is the voice control assistant!

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  1. The ISY is an amazing box.. however if ur going to use Instead switches, don’t bother because Smarthome, the only provider of Insteon devices, doesn’t sell a serial interface anymore, so u literally can’t connect the Insteon to the ISY.


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