How To Turn Off Deebot Schedule? (Answered)

how to turn off deebot schedule
how to turn off deebot schedule

Deebot brings home automation to a whole new level as it brings various smart features packed inside a smart vacuum robot. As efficient as the device is, a great thing about using it is that it comes with the feature of scheduling.

However, as this feature is mostly turned on as default, we have noticed many users do not appreciate having this as a feature on their smart device. So, in case you are also someone who is wondering how to turn off the Deebot schedule, then here is what you should know!

How To Turn Off Deebot Schedule?

Luckily, these devices come with the option of a remote through which you can set up your schedule settings through the press of a single button. To successfully turn off the feature, simply follow these instructions:

  • There should be a button with the shape of a bell on the last second row on the left of the remote.
  • Make sure that you press and hold this button for seconds.
  • Once the time passes, you will be able to see the light disappear from your remote’s LED screen. This is basically a visual queue which is also followed by a sound queue of 3 beeps saying that you have turned it off.
  • Your scheduled cleaning time should now be turned off.

Re-Enabling the Schedule Cleaning Time:

To enable or set a schedule, you will have to follow a similar process which is explained down below:

  • Press the same bell icon button that you used for disabling the schedule.
  • Set the first two digits as the hour that you want to set the schedule. You can use the up and down button in order to adjust both the hours and minutes of the schedule. Similarly, the right and left buttons on the remote can be used to switch back and forth between hours and minutes.
  • As soon as you have these settings saved for the schedule, press the play/pause button on the center of the remote.
  • As soon as you do, the remote will successfully save the scheduled time for you after giving two beeps.
  • Your Deebot should now clean at this scheduled time every single day until you decide to disable it.

It is also worth mentioning that if you have your smartphone device connected to the remote, then you may be able to set it up through your phone as well.

The Bottom Line:

How to turn off Deebot Schedule? As there can be plenty of times when you will often find yourself trying to disable the scheduled cleaning time, you’d be delighted to know that the process is as simple as pressing and holding down a button on your remote. However, if you wish to learn exactly how you are supposed to set the schedule, then be sure to read through the article above!

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