How To Reset TECKIN Smart Bulb?

How To Reset TECKIN Smart Bulb
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How To Reset TECKIN Smart Bulb

TECKIN Smart Bulb is a Wi-Fi light bulb with amazing qualities like soft light and color-changing abilities. These bulbs work with Alexa and Google Home and the best part is that no Hub required. These bulbs can make your life much easier and hassle-free by letting you set light schedules and convenient controlling systems like voice control, group control, and remote control.

In this article, we are going to simplify ways for you to reset the TECKIN Smart Bulb so you can enjoy the luxuries of this superb LED bulb without any inconvenience. Let us look at the process:

The process is very easy and simple to do and once you reset your TECKIN Smart LED Bulb you will remember this helpful process for a lifetime. You will not have to call any technicians and for them for hours or maybe days to come and do the reset for you. Follow these simple steps and reset your smart bulb within minutes.

  • First of all turn, the bulb on and then turn the bulb off for three to five seconds each. Do the same process several times repeatedly, at least three to four times. By this process, the initial resetting is almost done. To make sure that this has happened check the LED on the bulb. If the LED starts blinking it means the reset is done successfully. Now you can move to the second step.
  • After successfully resetting the bulb through the given process, turn the bulb off.
  • The next step is to restart the discovery. Make sure the bulb has been switched off when you restart the discovery. Once the discovery has restarted completely then move on to the next step.
  • The last step is to turn the bulb on again and you are done with the resetting of your TECKIN Smart LED Bulb. Light up your bulb and enjoy the soft multi-colored light again.

The process of resetting your TECKIN Smart LED Bulb is very simple and you don’t need any technicians or outsource help to fix it. It is an easy manual reset device and all that you have to do is cycle the power on and off button a few times if your TECKIN Smart Bulb doesn’t work properly or shows any errors. Just follow this process and it will be as smooth as new.

The TECKIN Smart Bulb is a user-friendly device with little hassle and a lot of benefits. You can schedule your lighting system and turn on and off your lights on a fixed timetable. Make your life more comfortable by using the remote control system of the TECKIN Smart Bulb.

Since it also possesses the feature of group control therefore, you can also share the load with other people and enjoy your time. Just enjoy this bulb and forget about the worries of the resetting process because now you know that what to do in case you need an emergency reset for your TECKIN Smart LED Bulb.

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