Do You Need Multiple Sengled Hubs In Your House?

do you need multiple sengled hubs in your house
do you need multiple sengled hubs in your house

Long gone are the days, when light options were limited and you could only choose from a few traditional options when it came to lighting up the place. We are seeing innovation in every field of life, and smart lighting is one such thing that is not only highly convenient, but it is also efficient and pleasurable for you as well. Sengled is one such company that manufactures the most high-end bulbs and lighting solutions for you.

They are offering a wide range of bulbs that are some of the smartest lighting options available out there in the market. With that being said, you get different colored light options, motion sensors, speakers and cameras on these bulbs as well that will totally enhance the experience for you.

Sengled Hub

Sengled bulbs and lights can easily be connected over the Wi-Fi and there is always a smartphone application that is available for both iOS and Android for you to enjoy a pretty stable and convenient experience. Yet, these bulbs are not directly connected with the Wi-Fi and you need a Sengled Hub to make it possible. The Sengled Hub works as a bridge and it allows you to connect all the bulbs that you are using from Sengled on the hub, and the hub is connected to the Wi-Fi and allows you connectivity over your smartphone on the same network.

Accounts associated with a single hub

Sengled Hub is full of features but to ensure optimal connectivity and control, there are certain limitations on the Sengled Hub as well. You can only link a hub with a single Sengled account and that account needs to be logged in on the phone that you are using.

However, if you wish to connect other devices and have control on them as well, you will need to login on the other phone as well with the same credentials and that is going to help you out perfectly in making it work for all the devices that you want to connect with the hub.

Do You Need Multiple Sengled Hubs In Your House?

Essentially, you will not need multiple Sengled hubs in your home if you want to make it work optimally for you. A single Sengled Hub is good enough to be connected with 50 bulbs and that is the quite the right number that would be more than enough for most average sized homes. That would allow you to ensure that you can connect all the Sengled Bulbs that you need and one hub should be enough for you.

However, if the bulbs that you are installing exceed than 50 in number, and you need to connect more bulbs, you will need to have another hub installed at your place. This will help you out in bridging the hubs together, and although you might have installed multiple hubs in your home, you can still access them on the same application and you will be able to control all of these bulbs individually on the app.

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