4 Common Philips Hue Light Problems Troubleshooting

common philips hue light problems troubleshooting
common philips hue light problems troubleshooting

Smart bulbs are supposed to give you that advanced control over your lighting without consuming as much power. Many brands claim that their smart blubs consume up to 75 percent less energy as compared to our traditional bulbs. Then you might ask why does not everyone buy these bulbs.

The answer is they can be quite expensive. People are reluctant to pay such an amount even though it will save them money in the form of an electricity bill. Not to mention the increased utility you get while using these bulbs.

Common Philips Hue Light Problems Troubleshooting

Philips makes very reliable products with a lasting life span. Their customer base is extremely satisfied overall but some customers have faced issues. From setting up the hue lights to getting them connected to the hue bridge. Here is a list of some common problems you might face and also their solutions.

1. Hue Bridge not found

A hue bridge acts like a central hub through which you can control your lighting. It gives you the ability to remotely access your lights. Philips includes a hue bridge along with their package but you might need to buy one separately if you didn’t get one. Some people are experiencing issues with the hue bridge not showing on the mobile app.

To fix this make sure the Hue bridge is connected to a stable internet connection. You can connect it to your internet device through ethernet. Another fix is that make sure you and the hue bridge are connected to the same network. If this does not work then try restarting the Hue device you can do so by unplugging the power for sixty seconds and then replugging it. After it has restarted it should start showing up on your Hue app.

2. App Can’t Connect To Bulbs

Another common problem is that people often find a bulb that they have already paired with the hue bridge unreachable. You’re not able to turn it on or off anymore.

It is pretty easy to fix this issue, the most probable cause is that the hue bridge is out of range. Meaning that someone moved the hue bridge after you had paired your bulb. If the hue bridge is out of the effective range then it cannot connect to the bulbs anymore. This is why it shows the bulb as unreachable. Make sure that your hue bridge is within the range of the bulb and that should sort out this issue.

3. You Are Not Able To Add New Bulbs

After buying new smart bulbs people often have difficulty setting them up. They are not able to get the new bulbs added to the Hue app. Here are some possible fixes you can try.

Make sure power is connected to the Philips hue bulb, they only work when they are receiving a stable flow of power. You can also add the bulbs manually through the Hue app. For this, you will have to add the serial number of the bulb into the app. You can find the serial number on the base of the bulb. When you enter the six-digit serial number into the app, it will connect to the bulb manually and it will start showing up in the app.

4. Bridge Already Paired Error

It is a pretty common issue that people face when they try the hue bridge to connect to the Siri home kit. You receive the error that another user has already paired with the home kit. Here is how you can solve this.

The best way to solve this issue is by resetting the home kit reconfiguration in your settings. However, this might mean that you would have to re-pair any other device you have connected to the home kit which might prove to be a headache. But doing this fixed the problem for most customers so make sure to give it a try.

All these are pretty common Philips Hue Light Problems which you can now resolve by following the mentioned fixes. But if your Philips bulb still malfunctions then you should place a replacement order. You can also contact Philips’s customer support for additional guidance and they will help you throughout the procedure.

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