3 Common GE Smart Fridge Problems Troubleshooting

common ge smart fridge problems troubleshooting
common ge smart fridge problems troubleshooting

Realistically, there is no need to buy a smart fridge if your budget is limited. Even though a smart fridge can offer many additional features, you can still get the basic cooling feature from a standard fridge. However, if you don’t have a budget problem then owning a smart fridge can provide you a lot of conveniences.

GE appliances is a company that offers a wide range of smart as well as standard appliances to its customers. Let’s cover some of the common problems that you can potentially run into while using the GE smart fridge.  That way you can make an informed decision about buying GE smart fridge.

Common GE Smart Fridge Problems Troubleshooting

  1. Leaking Issues

Issues with water leaking from the valve or the dispenser are quite common in these types of products. You will often see users complain about water on their floor or dripping from the valve of their smart fridge.

A few factors like temperature difference and the water pressure can cause this issue for your smart fridge. So, if you’re using a smart fridge that has a drip tray then you’ll just need to remove the water from the tray, and hopefully, you won’t have to deal with water on your floor anymore. Depending upon the leakage you might have to clean it at least once every week.

However, if the issue continues and the leaking won’t stop then you’ll have to check the water line connected to your smart fridge. It is possible that the water line is damaged and that is why water is leaking from your fridge.

Just turn off the valve and then check the line for any physical damages. After everything is dried up, you can turn on the valve again to narrow down on the leaking problem. That way you will be able to find the damaged area more easily and you can replace the water line to fix the leaking issue. For more clarification, you will need to get in touch with the factory services.

  1. Icemaker Issues

A lot of users have also stated that their ice maker won’t work properly. Whenever users try to use the dispenser, no ice will come out of the fridge. To fix this issue you will need to check a few things including the water filter, temperature, and the ice mold in your smart fridge.

Start by checking the temperature of the freezer and bring it to a lower level. According to GE support, you also need to have at least sixty percent of your freezer filled with food items. That way it is easier for the smart fridge to maintain temperature and produce more ice.

If there is nothing wrong with the temperature then proceed to see if there is any ice stuck inside the mold. Users that rarely use the icemaker often run into this issue, where the ice will get stuck in the mold and they won’t be able to get any ice from the dispenser.

If that’s the case with you then take out the mold and remove its contents. Then you can reinstall the mold and make sure to regularly use the ice maker to avoid running into this issue again. Lastly, check the water filter to see if it is clogged up or not. Make sure to replace it if it is dirty.

  1. Door Not Closing

This issue mostly happens when customers have not leveled their fridge properly. Depending upon the type of smart fridge you’ve bought, you will need to follow the leveling guide to get your smart fridge to work efficiently. If your doors are not closing then you will have to ensure that the front of the smart fridge is slightly elevated. You can do that by adjusting the leveling legs or the rollers located under the fridge.

If you’re still having issues with your door then make sure nothing is blocking the door from closing. You can also try putting some items on the door compartment to make it heavier. That way it will remain in place when you close the doors on your smart fridge. If you have any other issues with your GE smart fridge then we suggest that you reach out to factory support for assistance.

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