Can You Hook Two Different Brands Of Stage Lights?

Can You Hook Two Different Brands Of Stage Lights
Can You Hook Two Different Brands Of Stage Lights

Stage Lighting Instruments are commonly used to light up concerts, theatrical performances, and similar performances that are done on a stage. Concerts that take place during the night must have stage lights set up according to the situation.

Similarly, stage lights are offered to be plenty of brands. Most of them come with almost the same feature, with only the brand name being different than the other. The light’s shape may or may not be different. A number of instruments can be used to illuminate a stage for a grand performance.

Can You Hook Two Different Brands Of Stage Lights

The more you illuminate your stage, the better your performance can be viewed. However, stage lights come in so many brands these days that it may get confusing. But the question is, can you hook two different brands of stage lights?

The answer to that question is yes, you can. Though you will need to get familiar with the concept of DMX. If you have never heard about it, then we will be explaining it to you thoroughly in this article. We suggest you sit tight and stay with us on this one!

What is DMX?

DMX, short for Digital Multiplex is a standard protocol that is used to control devices, such as lights. A DMX signal is unidirectional, which means that it will only travel in one direction. In this case, it will travel from the controller or the first light, down to the last one.

DMX fixture is another term you may want to understand. Basically, it refers to a group of lights that are assigned to one or more channels. How all these lights respond to DMX will depend upon their DMX starting address and compatibility. Different fixtures will have different numbers of channel modes.

To have control of all the lights, DMX controllers are used which give a signal to the lights. Think of them as the brain of a lighting setup. You can use the controller to set up different scenes and illuminate your stage in the way that you see fit for yourself. In other words, a DMX controller will allow you to manage your lights.

For setting up a whole lighting system based on DMX. You may want to set up channels and give every one of them a starting address. Based on how many channel modes you set up, the starting address will correspond to it.


Can you hook two different brands of stage lights? Yes, you definitely can. This article’s main idea was to explain to you how that is possible. We hope that you have learned the concept of DMX and how that relates to setting up multiple lighting systems. If you want more information about it, you are free to search for it on your internet browser.

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