6 Of The Best Brilliant Smart Home Alternatives 

brilliant smart home alternatives
brilliant smart home alternatives

From locks to doorbells, you can control a complete system of smart devices by integrating them with the Brilliant smart home system. It will take a bit of your time to perfect the configurations, but once everything is configured, it will become effortless to get the desired performance from your smart system.

You can also rely on some general contractors to help speed up the process. The price tag and the installation issues have discouraged some owners from the purchase of this unit in recent years. If you’re also not too thrilled about the price point of this option, the following alternatives might be the right fit for your smart home.

Some Good Brilliant Smart Home Alternatives 

  1. Orro

This lighting solution brings more performance consistency when compared with the Brilliant smart home. If you’re looking for an alternative purely for the smart lighting system in your home, Orro might be one of the top options for you. On top of that, this controller won’t be that heavy on your budget.

So, there is no need to set aside hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to include this unit in your setup. This unit learns the preferred lighting presets throughout the day and sets the accent accordingly to keep the optimal atmosphere in the room.

  1. Control4

In terms of pure performance, this is the closest that you can come to replicating the features of the Brilliant smart home system. However, you will be paying a lot more for this option, and dealer support is mandatory for every little adjustment. So, you’ll be burning through a lot of money just to get integration features for your existing devices.

Aside from that, you will be limited by the number of customization options from this unit. So, if you’re not too worried about spending more money on this option, then the Control4 is the next best thing for you.

  1. Noon Home

This smart controller is also tailored more towards the lighting configurations in your home. The scene-based solution brought forward by this option makes it perfect for setting the mood in any part of your home. The price point is also pretty decent, and you will get the perfect performance from your smart lighting.

The downside is that you won’t get the locks and doorbell configurations with this unit. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive control system, it might not be the best choice.

  1. DevicePilot

This software brings complete control to the owners, and there isn’t a better option when it comes to DIY projects. Even if you have an extensive list of brands in your smart home, this software will offer integration options for almost all of your devices. So, go for this unit when you’re not trying to spend a generous budget.

With DevicePilot, you will have to spend a few hours in the initial configurations. Luckily, the community forums provide the perfect support, and you can open up a new thread regarding any issues with your configurations.

  1. Hayo 

Hayo is another great alternative to Brilliant smart home and enables users with IoT configurations for their smart devices. You can create different virtual buttons through this unit and link them up with different smart home brands.

This unit will include support for smart cameras, lighting systems, and other smart devices. Just go through the compatibility options to get a better perspective on the purchase. Going through the community forums will also improve your idea of its performance. So, match the devices with your Hayo unit before making the purchase.

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is another phenomenal software solution that is used by hundreds of thousands of global users. Its pricing differentiates this option from other competitors in the market. While the subscription fees might seem like an inconvenience, you will only be paying a few bucks each month. So, it won’t have a huge impact on the annual budget even if you purchase the professional features.

All of these alternatives will match the performance of the Brilliant smart home system. If you’re trying to replicate the features on a budget, then going with software solutions is the best option. However, if you’re just limited by the availability of this unit, then it is a good idea to invest your money into Control4.

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