5 Solutions To Blink Password Update Failed Issue

blink password update failed
blink password update failed

The security devices from Blink have also maintained a stable spot in the community because of their sleek design. Luckily, this brand didn’t only focus on offering a good design and made sure that all devices brought forward a secure service. So, you don’t have to worry about compromised security or any other issues while using the Blink devices in your smart system.

The only issue that some owners have pointed out is that the Blink password update failed. This is not that serious and can be fixed rather easily by following these troubleshooting methods. So, if you’re running into a problem with the Blink pass update, go through these steps.

How To Fix Blink Password Update Failed?

  1. Modify Credentials

Experts from professional support have pointed out that you will struggle with the password update if you’re just adding another space or changing one alphabet in the password. So, if you’re just slightly changing the password and using the same credentials for the majority of the password length, then that is likely why you’re running into this issue.

The best thing you can do here is to modify these credentials completely so that you’re not using the same combination of alphabets and numeric. After that, you can log back into the application, and these new credentials will work.

  1. Check Network Connection

Sometimes issues with the network connection can also cause similar issues in the application. So, just reset the network connection by power cycling your router once. It won’t take much time, and then you can use the new credentials to log back into the application. If there are no issues with your account, then the app will start working at this stage.

  1. Clear App Data

Another fix to Blink password update failing to clear the application data. Bugs in the app are known to cause pass update issues for several users. So, you’ll need to make sure to clear the app cache and other stored data to eradicate these bugs. Try also to check the app version and update your app to the latest version to improve your chances around the password issue further. Hopefully, the new password will work once you log back into the app.

  1. Check Server Status

If you’re sure that there are no issues in the app or the network connection, then inquiring about the server status should be your next step. Issues with the server operations can cause these problems with your system. So, make sure to check the server status and wait for a few hours before you try to update the password again.

  1. Contact Technical Support

The last thing you can do in this situation is to contact technical support to help with the password update. There is likely something wrong with your account, and seeking help from technical support will give you more perspective on the issue. They will look into your account and provide you with a password update link that can be used to refresh your account credentials immediately. So, make sure to call support if the password update keeps failing.

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