B Hyve Smart Watering Twice: Everything To Know

b hyve smart watering twice
b hyve smart watering twice

The watering schedules on the B Hyve systems make it effortless for users to manage the moisture content in the soil. With the integrated weather details, owners no longer have to worry about adjusting the watering schedules on their irrigation system every day.

After a few initial adjustments, you will be able to get the perfect performance from the unit for an extended period. However, many users have been confused about the B Hyve smart watering feature turning on twice.

This doesn’t necessarily point toward an issue with the system, and the following details will further improve your perspective on B Hyve smart system watering twice.

B Hyve Smart Watering Twice

While you can make adjustments to the watering schedules, the watering twice features from the smart system can’t be changed by the users. This method of watering is preferred by the system as it retains moisture and helps your yard look fresh. So, there is no need to concern yourself with functionality-related issues when the B Hyve smart watering system runs twice at every schedule. This is a standard procedure and helps retain the condition of your plants.

It is common knowledge that longer run times will create runoff and unnecessary waste. Every cycle that exceeds the time limit of six to eight minutes can create this situation with the runoff, and the smart system prevents this situation by running multiple times for a shorter period. This method fulfills the irrigation requirements of your yard, and you won’t have to worry about any runoff or change in the layout of your garden. So, you shouldn’t try to increase the time period in which the stations are engaged.

On top of that, the absorption rate of the soil can vary from region to region. Smaller cycles usually allow for sufficient absorption times, and you will be able to lessen the water waste through this smart feature. So, instead of looking at this feature as a defect, you should realize its practicality. Moreover, countless owners have mentioned amazing irrigation results after making use of this feature.

The cycle and soak approach by the irrigation system allows for a more consistent result while maintaining the moisture in the soil. You won’t have to worry about any extensive damage to the yard, and the reduced water amount helps with better absorption through the soil. So, keep that in mind if you were also confused about the B Hyve smart system watering the yard twice.

Overall, B Hyve smart watering system is an amazing accessory for your yard and helps maintain the structure of the soil. You won’t have to worry about any runoff or waste with this feature, as the watering cycles are limited to six to eight minutes. This cycle time is perfect for the maintenance of the plants, and you won’t have to worry about any missed sections with this feature. So, there is no need to worry about the reduced water supply or overwatering issues when the B Hyve smart system engages twice.

Can You Adjust The Watering Schedules?

While the owners can’t really change the watering twice features on this unit, you will still have access to adjusting the cycle period. As long as you’re sure that the watering cycles are too long or not long enough, every event can be adjusted through the application. So, tweak the settings by a little margin each time and then judge the performance of the B-Hyve system during the next cycle. Keeping the adjustments small will give you more control over the watering cycle, and you will avoid runoff while still benefiting from optimal moisture in the soil.

On the other hand, if the cycle doesn’t stop even after 10 minutes of run time, then you need to call someone from the customer support department. There is a chance that your timer is defective, and the professionals working at Orbit will help you narrow down the problem. If the warranty on your unit is still valid, then it shouldn’t be that difficult to get a replacement from the dealer. However, you will have to spend money on a new timer if the warranty is expired. So, make sure to go over the warranty policy before contacting the dealer.

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