Why Was August Doorbell Cam Pro Discontinued?

august doorbell cam pro discontinued
august doorbell cam pro discontinued

Smart home technology has brought revolutionary improvements to all of our devices at home. From bringing ease to our lives, one particular device that has helped make us feel more secure is smart doorbells. Through such devices, we can easily view who might be ringing at our door even when we are not at home!

Furthermore, plenty of companies has been providing smart doorbells, with August being a very popular option out of the bunch. However, we have had plenty of recent speculations made from users about one of their products, which is the Doorbell Cam Pro. Soon after its release, the device was suddenly made unavailable all over the market. To learn what truly happened with the device, let’s have a deeper look at it!

August Doorbell Cam Pro Discontinued

The August Doorbell Cam Pro looked to be a promising device that was released back in the early parts of 2020. But as soon as a few months went by, August officially discontinued the product. The device was originally priced at around $229. While there weren’t that many issues with the device itself, August claimed that there were certain challenges that they had to face.

More specifically, they emphasized how the device had a couple of performance issues that were quite challenging to address because of the various user’s environments and use cases.

More About The Device:

In case you aren’t aware of what the device was capable of, it came with a camera of 1440p resolution. Apart from that, the product supported the use of motion alerts along with a live stream option on-demand.

On top of that, these devices came with two different cloud storage options which were one of the main selling points for a couple of users. These plans extended to both 15 and 30 days long, where users were able to get store all of their recordings on cloud storage.

Will There Be Another Version?

Users who had previously ordered the Doorbell Cam Pro but weren’t able to receive one because of discontinuation have a particular question in mind, “Will there be another version for this product?” Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any news on whether August will continue down this product line, or start with a brand-new lineup.

So, if you were wondering about getting this particular product, we’re afraid it isn’t possible to officially get one. You can still look for other alternatives being offered by August that should help you give a much better experience.

The Bottom Line:

Is August Doorbell Cam Pro discontinued? Even though the device didn’t receive such a bad launch, it was discontinued months after it was released. To learn more about why the device was discontinued, be sure to read through the article above! It has all the information that you will need to learn all about the product.

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