Are Govee LED Lights Good? (Reviewed)

are govee led lights good
are govee led lights good

Even though there is no debate on the convenience of smart LED lights, it is still hard for users to justify spending thousands of dollars on new LED lights. It is true that the performance of premium brands like Philips is unmatched when you compare it with other options in the market. But the increased price point is just not viable for most customers.

For this reason, you will find the majority of users switching to options like Govee for a more affordable setup. These LED lights have established themselves pretty nicely in the market. So, let’s cover whether or not Govee LED lights are good for your smart home.

Are Govee LED Lights Good?

The Govee LED lights might not be the best in the market when you compare them with brands like Philips, but when you’re talking about performance consistency and affordability, there isn’t a better option for you. These lights are primarily known for their cheaper price tag, and you will enjoy limited features with the smart app. However, the durability and the light quality of this brand are pretty satisfactory, and there have been no major complaints about the functionality of the Govee models.

For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend your money on this brand. Govee might seem like a cheaper option, but it doesn’t lack in terms of quality. It is true that there are visible differences between this brand and some of the more expensive options. However, you can think of Govee as the perfect middle point between quality and affordability. The quality is just good enough that you won’t have to change the lights for years, and the price tag is well within the budget of most customers.

Even though you can find some cheaper lights on the market, there is a massive gap between the quality of off-brand LED lights and Govee LED lights. The balance maintained by Govee is far superior to the majority of other options in the market, and you just can’t expect the same level of performance while sticking within the same price range. This is the main reason why so many households have Govee LED lights.

However, if you’re in a situation where budget management isn’t an issue, and you just want a decent set of LED lights for your smart home, then there is no point in going with any other option except Philips. This brand can only be described as phenomenal, and the lighting products available on this brand have served customers for decades.

Overall, Govee LED lights are pretty good and offer a nice value to the owners. They are primarily known for the cheaper price point, and you will enjoy easy installation with these lights. On top of that, the lighting effects and the value brought forward by this brand closely replicate options like Philips.

So, even though you won’t get the same performance as Philips lights, you can come pretty close to matching the quality of premium products on a budget. There is no harm in testing out a set of Govee lights, and you don’t need to set aside much money for this purchase. Owning a set of Govee LED lights will give you a complete idea of whether or not they are good for your smart home.

How Does It Compare To Daybetter?

If you browse the community forums for a few minutes, the majority of owners will seem to be confused between Govee and Daybetter. Even though both of these brands present similar price points, Govee differentiates itself to be a much better brand because of its consistent performance. The complaints regarding Govee performance are minimal when you compare it with Daybetter.

Even though the features brought forward by Daybetter are sometimes superior to the Govee LED lights, the chances are that you’ll just be struggling to manage the performance of these LED lights. So, if you want to stick with a safer option that will work perfectly for years, Govee is your brand. However, there is no harm in testing your luck with a few Daybetter lights if you absolutely need to try their dimming features and increased control over the color combinations. You can minimize the functionality-related issues by purchasing newer models launched by Daybetter.

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