4 Ways To Fix Alexa Error Code

Alexa Error Code
Alexa Error Code

Alexa Echo devices are something beyond ordinary. They work totally great and there are not any errors that you might have to face on Alexa. However, when you are relying on it, even the slightest error can be some serious inconvenience and you will need to fix that right away.

Alexa error code is something that you will be seeing on the error log if your Alexa device is not responding the right way. This error would not make any sense to you as there is no specification of the error on the log or Amazon support guide. If you want to fix the error on your own, here are a few things that you need to do.

Alexa Error Code

The first thing that you need to know is what this error message means. The error message is an indicator that Alexa is not able to hear you properly. Now, there can be several reasons behind the problem but most of them can be fixed easily at home. All you need to do is follow these troubleshooting steps and you will be able to make your Amazon Echo device work again perfectly with Alexa.

1. Restart the Echo device

The first thing that you will need to do is try a restart. The Alexa might not be able to hear you up properly due to different reasons and there might be some error within the device. Restarting the Echo speaker will make it possible for you to work again. Since you might not be able to use the voice commands, you can long-press the Power button or you can use the mobile application to turn it off. Once it is turned off, you need to let it sit for a moment or two, and then you can turn it on again. Give it a try once you have it started again, and it will work out perfectly.

2. Update the software

Amazon Alexa updates regularly on its own so you might not think of it. But some software updates can be stuck at a time and you will need to trigger the update manually. You can access the Amazon Alexa application on your mobile phone and go to the software update tab. You will be able to see the available updates for your Echo device there. Click on the update and you will be able to use it once the update is installed.

3. Clean it off

Sometimes the problem can not possibly be with the software but the accumulated dust can be the culprit here. You will need to clean it off with a duster and that way you will be able to make it work. Also, make sure that you are speaking clearly and loudly for Alexa to understand.

4. Contact Support

There can be some hardware issue with the mic as well. It wouldn’t be the right thing to open up the device yourself as it will not only void the warranty but can also be different. So, you should just contact support and they will be able to assist you in the right way.

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