ActionTiles Vs SharpTools (Differences Between ActionTiles And SharpTools)

ActionTiles Vs SharpTools
ActionTiles Vs SharpTools

In this article, we will be looking at two of these smart home dashboard control panels today. One is ActionTiles, and the other is SharpTools. 

A few years ago, you had to spend a lot of money if you wanted a home automation dashboard. The company used to custom make it for you, and if you wanted to change something, you would have to call the company back to add or remove that feature.

It used to be a pretty expensive venture. Now easy to use and configurable SmartThings dashboard options are available for cheap.

What is ActionTiles?

ActionTiles is a web-based control panel for SmartThings. You can build any number of panels that you like with any combination of Thing Tiles, a few special connections like media connections, clocks, and web shortcuts.

You can also securely privatize or share your panels with other users, which is a good way to provide limited control to other family members or friends. ActionTiles is the most natural fit when it comes to SmartThings dashboards.

What is SharpTools?

SharpTools is smart home automation and visualization tool. Connect your Hubitat Hub or SmartThings and build custom dashboards to view and control your smart devices in the house.

It is fairly comparable to ActionTiles but is more pleasing to the eyes. SharpTools is worth exploring. Some components of the rule engine include event triggers, conditions (if/else), commands, time schedules, and notifications.

ActionTiles Vs SharpTools

Let us compare for you what the two dashboards offer, which might make your decision a little easier on what you should purchase.

1. Visual Appeal

ActionTiles has a good visual appeal, but SharpTools, admittedly, is more visually pleasing.

2. Compatibility

ActionTiles is compatible with only the SmartThings hub. SharpTools is compatible with both the SmartThings hub and the Hubitat hub.

3. Value for money

A good price is an important factor in our decision to purchase a product. A good product may start to look average if the price is too hefty.

On the contrary, a fairly mediocre product might become appealing to us if it is for the right price according to our budgets.

ActionTiles and SmartTools both provide a 14 days free trial. You can check both of these out and see which impresses you more.

SmartTools, unlike the ActionTiles, also provide a limited 15 tiles free long-term option.

If you are looking for a long-term premium option, ActionTiles might appeal to you more as it is a one-time $28.99 purchase.

As for SmartTools, it is a $30 annual subscription which might increase In the future.


We would recommend you to get ActionTiles. It is the best value-for-money option. A one-time $28.99 gives you a highly customizable and user-friendly dashboard.

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